EM’s Birthday!!

Last week it was my little one’s birthday. She is now our 9 year-old precious girl. She really is the apple of our eye!! EM is a sensitive, full of energy, sweet and affectionate young lady with an extremely artistic temperament who has incredible ideas and can really make great things out of literally nothing. Her latest “invention”/ innovation is a hair band that she’s been wearing all day long, made out of 2 wet wipe tissues that end in a beautifully arranged bow at the side top of her head! She never ceases to amaze me and cannot help but dreaming big about her and her life ahead. She is into rhythmic gymnastics and ballet and she was nagging me for about 2 years before she actually took up piano lessons at the age of 4 and a half.

The mini quilt pictured above is the one I made for her on her last birthday so as to use every year…Unfortunately due to the fact that I have had my foot broken, we didn’t throw her a party on the actual day but I am hoping to be able to make up for her once we return to our home.

I shall leave you with a photo of EM during her rhythmic gymnastics show last May. She is somewhere in there, among the bunch of talented girls, but I’ll give you a hint! (wink wink) She holds a central role and doesn’t have a pony tail….


Antigone ♥♥♥

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